Dr. Sandra Lee, AKA Dr. Pimple Popper, is America’s favorite Dermatologist!

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If you’re a fan of things that go ‘Pop!,’ you are going to love this. Los Angeles-based Dermatologist, Dr. Sandra Lee, has discovered internet fame after her Youtube videos, which feature her popping her patients’ pimples, cysts, and blackheads, went viral.

Dr. Lee acquired her name after she started a YouTube and Instagram account which feature her popping and removing blackheads. Her videos started going viral and she now has almost 1 million Instagram followers and nearly 400 million views on her Youtube account.

For the uninitiated (or the weak of heart), her most popular videos feature gross, yet satisfying, extractions of epic proportions. Her most viewed video to date is an extraction of a Dilated Pore of Winer from the back of an 85-year-old woman who came into her office in July 2015. Dr. Lee used tweezers to pull this massive blackhead from her skin, which left behind a large gaping hole. The video currently has over 12.5 million views on YouTube.
If you have a strong stomach, you can watch her videos HERE and on her Instagram @DrPimplePopper.

Whether you find pleasure or disgust with these videos, I think we can all agree that it is impossible to turn our heads away.

With a recent interview with The Daily Mail, Lee theorizes why people are so obsessed over her videos.

‘I…think they give people a sense of satisfaction, of completeness. When a blackhead is extracted or a cyst is popped, the area is now clean, and the world is back in order,’ she said. ‘I hear all the time, “This is gross but oddly satisfying” and “I can’t stop watching these videos.”‘

Dr. Lee actually uses her Youtube channel to help patients who would otherwise be unable to afford these extractions. Since most of these pimples are benign, removing them is considered cosmetic and not covered by insurance. So she will do the procedure for free if the patient is willing to let her record and post it on social media. So far, this has been wildly successful.

Dr. Lee also uses her Youtube channel as an educational platform, and says that she now has people flying in from around the world to utilize her dermatological services. With her interview with Forbes, she puts her Internet fame into perspective.

“There’s a fine line you have to walk with YouTube. Most YouTube channels are for entertainment, and I’m doing mine for education. […]It has to be medically educational. That’s mostly been helpful for me me because I am an educator and dermatologist.”

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